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A beautiful TA who grumpily assisted with WPOW in 2006 at East Term 2 (and Screenwriting in 2005 at ASU Term 2.) Despite his cynical personality, he is remarkably physically attractive. He is of medium height and stocky, with black hair, sallow skin, and grey eyes. He has a wicked sense of style, his best friend is his messenger bag, he enjoys wearing brightly colored American Apparel underwear, he drinks at least four bottles of diet Coke a day, he hates hippies and manatees, he runs like a girl, he has a degree in English, and is teaching Philosophy next year.

A man this desirable has got to be gay, but somehow he has a girlfriend. And a high maintenance cat.

He also TA'd with Screenwriting in 2006 at East Term 1, and was nearly unstoppable in his amazing power.

In 2013 he taught at Trinity University. During Trinity term 1 he found the name of his class, searching for clues, lit, law, logic, to be stupid and renamed it detective fiction. He had his students do a mock trial, in which he presided over and made students who were held in contempt of court stand in a closet. He had us write detective stories which included characters such as Happy Fun Time, Slidebabyson, multiple Blairs (Blair Budd the RC), and himself. Finally when the Mormons arrived, he shared his confusion on why they constantly tried to convert him from the Church of Satan. He also suggested that they would be perfect targets for a serial killer. Clint was over all and excellent teacher and and awesome prime minister of the Kingdom of Mbwun.