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File:Http:// the summer of 2016 the bottle flipping challenge was trending. For tipsters that are reading this in 2020 we used have plastic bottles that once you drank all the water you threw it away they looked like this.

The goal of the bottle flip challenge was to flip the bottle and land it upright. Some "special tipsters" cough cough Alex decided to flip a bottle with coke inside. Little did the tipsters know, when coke is shaken it will explode when opened. When a bottle lands on the cap it weakens until the cap splits, spilling all the coke. That is exactly what happened at term two Trinity university 2016. The makeshift bottle exploded hitting everyone at the table. R.I.P table seven. while this happened a kid named Ricky dropped his plate an cup. we later got banned because of Nate since he flipped the remains with the bottle open.