Cold War and Modern Med Feud

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 Rice  2014  Term 2  Rayzor Hall

The Feud

The feud between the Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries and Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology began during the first week of the term.

The TA for Modern Med, Shehryar Siddiqui, attacked first when he entered Cold War's territory and defaced some of it by writing preposterous lies (such as "Modern Med Rules") on the blackboard. In retaliation, Cold War class members Carolina "CC" Sanchez de Varona and James "Jesus" Miller taped a note to their classroom (location which was given by allies on the inside) door which read: "Cold War Rules, Love Lord Putin".

In retaliation, Modern Med escalated the feud unnecessarily by leaving fetal pigs in the Cold War classroom. In return, the Cold War class (led by Jesus and Nate Sumimoto) returned the fetal pigs, saying: "We do not accept these capitalist pigs!"

The next morning, in order to avoid another attack from Modern Med, Jesus and Nate delivered bacon to the Modern Med classroom, with the message that "Looks like this Cold War just got deep fried." (it should be noted that Cold War class member Chris Gouin went on the record saying: "Why did we give them bacon? It's like nuking them and then offering medical aid.").

The next attack in the feud was Modern Med's retaliation by occupying the Cold War classroom. Cold War's response? CC and Chris went up to Modern Med's classroom and wrote on their boards, turned all their desks around, and hid their notebooks.

The next strike was when Modern Med left all their drawings of the human body in the Cold War room. To retaliate, the Cold War kids punched holes into the drawings and such.

The war's final attack was by Cold War TA Elizabeth "Matisse" Murray, who defaced Modern Med's board by writing truths about the Cold War class being better.