Colin's Rag

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Colin is in charge so therefore we are the best.


  • William "Polo" Smith
  • Jerry "Dammit Jerry" Powers
  • Jordan "Fire Hazard" Baucner
  • Jacob "Jason" Polansky
  • William "The Fake Liam" Sherman
  • Brendan "Flyswatter"
  • Rohan "Savage" Pasi
  • Liam "Guitar Guy" Scott
  • Jaylen "No Comment" Spears
  • Quinn "I Thought He Was Black" Rieger
  • Boden "Life's a Crappy Dinner Roll" Brindell
  • Nolan "Dennis" Cummings

Inside jokes

  • Squardren
  • Dammit Jerry
  • Get off your phone Colin
  • Colin's elusive
  • Chair jousting


  • We are the best RAG
  • We have David/Boris' approval
  • We won Tipsync