Collin Pelitere

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Collin is a Tipster in Historical Epidemiology at Rice Term l 2018. He is from New Orleans Louisiana. He is the dictator of NUSRRNFFC, which stands for Newly Unified Socialist Republic of Rural Northern Floridian Farming Communities, pronounced Nerf, although he insists he is just a “strong communal leader”. He is the general secretary of the MBP (Modern Bolshevik Party). He ran NUSRRNFFC into the ground during his time as dictator, and an ex-member named Roberto even sought refuge with Wakanda because of Collin’s reckless and harsh rule.

Some of his quotes include:

  • Nein, nein, nein!
  • Give me a cookie, Victoria! (after insulting her)

Collin is also suspected to have contracted the bubonic, pneumonic, and/or septicemic plague because he had a scratch on his arm after coming into contact with a squirrel, a known vector of the plague.

Also known as: 89 lbs of Muscle, 89 lbs of Collin, Acorn, No Meds November