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Cone is an older dorm on the ASU campus which was used for many years until 2008 when TIPsters were relocated to a newer dorm (for Term II it was Hoey). Cone is eight stories tall when including the ground floor, and is generally divided between guy and girls floor (girls on the lower floors, guys on the upper floors) It has a history of having low-functioning elevators, something which annoyed any and all TIPsters. Showers were also notoriously easy to break. But even with all the problems with crappy showers, broken elevators, and moldy bathrooms, many TIPsters cherish and love the Cone dorms.


It was possible scare the holy bejeezus out of people in rooms next to yours by speaking through the outlets. Some favorite lines include "Hello, {insert name here}, this is God.", and, "I see you." This was usually not a good idea if you were next to your RC. Sometimes, it was even funnier. People who set early alarms would greatly annoy their neighbors if their alarm clocks happened to be near an outlet. Also, if you lived on the seventh floor of Cone, the cabinets are largest on the seventh floor, so it's easy to hide in one and make the outlet jokes from up there. Some TIPsters have also have been know to sleep up there because it makes them feel superior.

Dorm Rules

During 2005, there were new rules enforced in Cone. These rules included no guys on girls' floors and vice versa as well as restricted Student Union privileges. The Student Union rule apparently originated from a few TIPsters in Term I of 2005 who broke a light. However, During 2006 boys were allowed back on girl's floors and vice-versa. There were still union issues, but were extremely light and hardly ever followed. In 2007, TIPsters were once again not allowed on the opposite sex's floors and Union Privileges were limited to 4th years only (younger TIPsters had to go with an RC).


During 2007 (Term I), the first two dances of TIP were held in the downstairs lobby of the dorms. This was a win-lose situation. It was horrible in the sense that all of the term was shoved into an extremely small space. The dances were extremely hot and many TIPsters would have to escape periodically to the porch area in order to get some fresh air. The less dance-inclined TIPsters would spend their time out in the small triangle of grass in front of Cone or on the porch socializing or playing Ultimate Frisbee. The benefit of the small cramped space was that the RCs were powerless when it came to dancing regulations. It was not uncommon for long grind chains and other forms of dirty dancing to be present (Although, I have heard that they did crack down Term II, 2007 using the bottle of virtue).