Connor anderson

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Connor Anderson was known for being a major frick boy who never responds to texts. thats all. he is hella gay and was in a relationtip with the super cool and swag money cheyenne/Wren bc they were super cool and felt bad 4 him. they were both super hella gay and part of the breakfast club and the balcony squad at UGA 2015. idk they were a power couple for the gays. he took satire and was known for his rant on the "homo gays" in front of everyone. idk he came with red tipped hair and left with bright blue hair. this was becasue he preformed a traumatizing version of "Im Blue" for the talent show with Sam Smith. He hated his Satire teacher, and his class threw shoes off the plant science building??? but he loved the TA Grace. His roomate was...someone? and his rc was steven maybe. he was one of the last people to speak for fourth year speeches and during his speech he managed to make everyone laugh and then broke everyones heart.He was increadibly funny and humorous and a total dork. he could make anyone smile on a bad day and has a laugh that traveled through the hearts of everyone involved. he is a total gay dweeb but he means the world to everyone he meets. unfortunately he doesnt understand just how much he means to everyone, despite scarring half the camp with both his chupmunk mask and his talent show performance. he also hates selfies and pictures bc he is a weirdo. he is a meme-loving frick. is blog, sexybaconfun, is pure pepe trash and meme galore.