Cool-thulu and the gang

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The best East 1 2008 3rd year rag. the RC Alexander Schmit (A.K.A. Cool-thulu) headed up this rad group of dudes who were:

  • Jonathin- the arbitrarily dubbed "Biggest Balla",
  • Max- NEVER EVER caught Karling EVER.....zzzzZZZZZzz,
  • Eliot-MLTUA,
  • Freddie- Soloed tip after his ginger roomate bailed at the end of the first week,
  • Jacob- Mao,
  • Harrison- Meow,
  • Matt- "FIRST BLOOD",
  • Ellango- still tryin to get out o' dat bathroom,
  • Chris- Mostlikely to create his own comunist based superlative,
  • Spencer-heir apparent to the Circle,
  • Joe- Put a "pupcicle" and a male reproductive organ in his mouth at the same time(it sucked if you were wondering dont ever do it),
  • Karl- created an Eponymous verb, and the only human being to ever use the word "fy",

The name of the group was arbitrarily decided by Joe, Harrison, and Alex when the page was being designed, because they are above democracy.