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The copy paste game started at Georgia tech term 2 in 2014 when Duke TIP legend Griffin Mercer brought it from Louisville, Kentucky. The game quickly spread throughout the campus from Griffin's RC group, class, and group of friends. Since then, the game has spread to other campuses.


The game rules of Copy/Paste are quite simple. One player says something in context, with a non-sexual connotation. Then, another player copies from the point at which they said copy to a point of their choice earlier in the phrase by saying the word "copy". Usually, phrases with a sexual connotation when out of context are copied. Players may only have one "copy" at any given time. If a player copies something, the previously held copy, no matter who it is on, is lost.

To use the "copy" in context, one must say "paste". "Paste" causes the person who has been copied to reiterate the phrase that was copied. A phrase that has already been copied on a player may not be copied by any other player until that copy has been removed. The keywords bold and italic can be in conjunction or independently to make the player "paste" loudly or in a funny accent, respectively.

But there is a twist. If the speaker realizes what he/she said is dirty before anyone else, said individual can say "delete" and prevent anyone from copying them. Make sure to be alert!

Note From Griffin

The intention of the game is to acquire and hold a "copy" for a long time or until a better one comes along. I myself have held multiple "copies" for weeks. Doing this can annoy the "copied" person very much, thus making the game a lot more fun. The objective of the game is not to "copy" very frequently. I once witnessed people copying literally every 30 seconds. I was so utterly disappointed. Please do not do this. -Griffin


Player 1: Wow. That was so hard.

Player 2: Copy on 'so hard'.

Player 1: Oh no.

Player 2: How was Running during your night alone? PASTE

Player 1: *sigh* SO HARD.

Player 2: *laughs*


Playing this game, you are bound to hear and say some funny shit. You are welcome to post some of your funniest experiences down below to share with other TIPsters!

Me: Im wearing my good underwear today Tanvi: COPY!!!!! Me: *Regrets everything ive ever done*