Cory's Kernels

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Cory's Kernels is an amazing RC group that existed at Wake Forest University during 2015's 2nd term. It was a truly incredible group of people. With RC Cory the Corn General as the fearless head of all her "Colonels," the corn-themed RAG defeated all obstacles the term threw its way. The RAG's inspiring motto, "No kernel left behind," was originally about popcorn being left on the floor, but later became a verbal embodiment of the group's values of loyalty, forgiveness, and never leaving behind a member, even if it makes the whole RAG late to dinner. Members of this RAG will never forget RC Cory and her tendency to slay. Cory slays. The way she cared for every member of her group individually, took the time to converse with them, and worked hard to find what makes every RAG member unique, meant a lot to every Kernel in the RAG. We will never forget how funny, wise, caring, and kind Cory was, and how much she meant to each of her Kernels. She was more than they ever could have hoped for.


Sophie (vote her 4 prez)

Morgan (on fleek 24/7)

Savannah (world's greatest accent)

McIver (SLAYS)

Natalie ("Why is there SPINACH in the SHOWER?!")

Jasmine (The Quiet Optimist)

Reese (mom)

Varsha (Satanic Youtuber)

Alexis ("High five!")

Jordan (purple)

Maggie ("That's really offensive, I'm gonna have to ask you to not.")

Audrey (quiet but really sweet)

Katherine ("Oh no, don't worry, I'm laughing. It's on the inside, but I'm laughing.")

Josie (?)

CORY ("[insert political/touching/hilarious/inspiring statement here]")