Courtier Perry

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RIP Court Gone Too Soon

An RC at West for Term 1. He didn't last the first two weeks of camp before he was fired. He barely talked (you were lucky if you heard him say more than five words a day) and what he did say never made any sense. He spent most of his time in his room. We never had any hall meetings and we didn't seem him until dinner. He was known by everyone at the term as the RC who was "high all of the time."


"I like trees."

(Paraphrased) "When you die, your memories leak out of your brain in the form of plasma, not liquid. But like, plasma tvs, not that kind of plasma."

"I'm Jesus, and you twelve are like, my disciples."

"You don't go to the dance until the girls are ready. The girls go first and then you go. Don't go to the dance until they go."

"Drive the car."

"If you wanna jingle then you gotta mingle."

"Sket Sket"

"I'm Court and I'm yalls RC"

"Organization is Relative."

"How about them looooong chicken sandwiches though"

These are literally the only words he ever said.

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