Covenant of urso

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Covenant of Urso

The Covenant of Urso was an inside joke during Term: 2 at Trinity University in 2014

The Covenant of Urso started as the name of Daniel's RC group during Tiger Fest. The bear Urso is the spirit that guided them. There prophet was the wise and noble Daniel. And then there were the twelve followers referred to as the disciples. Throughout Tiger Fest and the scavenger hunt they held there banner with pride. Eventually TA Zeib joined the group and became their Cardinal. All day the group carried a stuffed bear (Urso) and had a Banner Bear bear the flag for the day. Later through the term the group was often referred to as 'The Cult. The banner made repeat appearances during the term including the dances, multiple dinners, Tipsync, and worn as a cape by the prophet Daniel on the last day. The Covenant is still an ongoing joke that plans to, Become a major world wide religion and hold rallies in Time Square.The covenant follows by the Five Bear Claws which is the equivalent of Christianity's ten commandments. The Five Bear Claws are as followed;

The 12 Disciples have all signed the covenant and are permanent members. Forever. No take backs. You can follow the covenant on instagram at covenant_of_urso