Crazy Lady Who Crashed Quadfest

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In the summer of 2014 at Term 1 Duke East campus, TIPsters were sitting out on the quad enjoying the Ms. TIP pageant, laughing along with Debbie, Sunny Dew, Villiam, Bonita (who is pretty and Spanish), and Samantha, when a woman leading two children entered the general area of the quad. She appeared to be merely passing through so no one payed her any mind. When she was almost directly behind the crowd of TIPsters sitting on the quad however, she shouted several derogatory insults and homophobic comments along the lines of "Y'all are crazy" and "I don't support homosexuals, sorry". Jordy (the current counselor), who was hosting the beauty pageant, responded with "Thank you for your tolerance," over the loudspeaker. The RCs were now aware of potential danger and moved to position themselves between the crowd of TIPsters and the woman. One RC named Peter [name redacted] was the closest one to the woman purely by circumstance. The woman however, verbally attacked him, yelling "Don't touch me!" and striking out at Peter. Adam, the on-site director at the time, carefully approached the woman and informed her that if necessary he would call the cops. She responded with "What are you going to do? Tell them you're gay?". She then walked off of campus through the courtyard next to the computer lab and was never seen from again. Rumor says she was temporarily held by the police at Adam's urging but no concrete info on this has been found. With luck she will never again set foot on Duke campus while TIP is in session.