Creative Chronicles

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The Lobsters:

  • Gregory Brennen
  • Lydia Crannell

The Turtles:

  • Mazie Witter[Family Friend](1)
  • Sunessa Madhav[Zoë's daughter](2)
  • Katrina Czaky[Natalie's Daughter](3)
  • Emily Prins[Natalie's family's cat](4)
  • Sam King[Aka Rice, Young twin #1 to Natalie](5)
  • Elizabeth Seaver[Natalie's Daughter](6)
  • Zoë Rein[A secret tiger, bird, and half fish. Jules' daughter. Mother of 1](7)
  • Natalie Helms[The main bird, Jules' daughter. Mother of 7](8)
  • Emily Gurgens[Last bird. A potential dad figure, but is currently a crazy uncle. Jules' son. Not married. Had the Thomas hat for the 2017 year](9)
  • Jake Polansky[Natalie's Son. Eldest child. New owner of the pink shirt for 2018](10)
  • Andrew Miskimon[Father of Natalie's divorced husband](11)
  • Delaney Epley[One of the Basics. Natalie's family's horse](12)
  • Becky Rosen[Another one of the Basics. Natalie's daughter.](13)
  • Helen Emerson[Another Basic. Disowned drug dealer. New owner of the Thomas hat for 2018](14)
  • Ruth Anne Emerson[Another Basic. Godmother](15)
  • Alex Schneider[The last Basic. Natalie's daughter](16)
  • Amelia Wilson[Natalie's Daughter. Young twin #2](17)
  • Jules Griffin[Natalie's, Emily G's, and Zoë's mother](18)


  • Voted #1 by class: A lobster is just a stretched out crab
  • In no particular order from now on:
  • Every hater go find a lover
  • Cats are more durable than dogs
  • Texas angst
  • Pike Mence
  • Danggggg
  • A drug dealer is just a bad pharmacist
  • Lover of Hamsters. Hater of snakes
  • Not everything is about morals
  • Not my campus not my problem
  • That newspaper slab is thicc
  • Texas is, like, its own country
  • Zoë is a secret tiger
  • Just like ten minutes of screaming
  • A Dries is just a stretched out Jake
  • You need to train your metabolism to run
  • Maybe squirrels have a utopia we don't know about
  • Your mind is just a cavernous hole of pain; rabbits like to dance
  • The Beatles are hiding on the desert table
  • I have the money to ruin you
  • Take a deep breath Helen
  • Pigs are the Anti-Lobster
  • Follow your dreams and stay out of prison
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies are for the devil, aka the Beatles
  • An army of hamsters take over Texas
  • Once a space president, always a space president
  • Helen can't the cake

Term II 2018

  • A totally amazing class.
  • Taught by Blakely (teacher) and Casey (TA)
  • Live your best weasel.