Creative Writing: Express yourself! (cl2014ASU2)

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  • Rebecca
    • Most likely to call 911 for funzys
  • Jorge
    • Most likely to star in a horror film
  • Evie
    • Most likely to be a timelord
  • Hannah
    • Most likely to take your hat
  • Liv
    • Most likely to transform into the next Beyonce
  • Pablo
    • Most likely to be a figment of our imaginations
  • Christian
    • Most likely to be a 'One Man' move voice
  • Ricky
    • Most likely to lose his sense of hearing by the age of 30
  • Michael
    • Most likely to sneeze a flower
  • Charlotte
    • Most likely to know of every ship couple in the YA books
  • Aubrey
    • Most likely to lose her shoes
  • Sarah
    • Most likely to wear pajamas 24/7
  • Caroline
    • Most likely to become a best selling novelist
  • Camilla
    • Most likely to be betting champ of the world
  • Katie Marie
    • Most likely to have the world's longest nails
  • Mal
    • Most likely to have not read the most popular YA books
  • Josh
    • Most likely to be 2pac


  • small potatoes
  • pablo's flower
  • HIP-HIP Jorge
  • Mary had a little lamb
  • listerine
  • Rebeccas daily ray's of sunshine
  • Fabeluzzzz
  • murderous donkeys
  • daily sacrifice
  • flower crowns
  • rocks and leaves (hahahahaha)
  • mal trying to reach the projector screen
  • sniffing flowers
  • our handshake thing
  • ONE MANNN....

the first day of class for these fabeluzzz writers began with 16, but before lunch one person was sacrificed, a daily ritual that was secretly performed with no one knowing who was going to be sacrificed to later in the day. with ten girls and five guys, the class sure was going to be interesting. the first day consisted of going around saying names and telling the story of our worst injuries. we then interviewed one another to create commercials for each other. some consisted of Kangaroo tamer, selling the TA's things, selling friends, babysitters etc. when the writers returned from lunch they all sat on the floor and did there first meditation. the class would meditate everyday after lunch, sometimes with the lights on. once they meditated outside on there field trip to grandfather mountain. the class became the best of friends. creating inside jokes with each other and little rituals. they would shout " HIP- HIP JORGE.' through out the halls, lunch room, and out on the quad. in the end they would use this as a way of quieting down in class. they would also sing a creepy version of "Mary had a little lamb" it even had a little hand game with it.

The lyrics are:

" Mary had a little lamb her eyes were black as coal. she went into her room one night and then she ate her soul. ke kaw."

some people would end the ritual with "ke-kaw" or " happy birthday." they would say happy birthday at the end for two reasons. one being it made the song a little more light hearted and it was inside joke that had formed while Jorge and Camilla were placing bets like they always were. the tipsters had many inside jokes and bets that were in place. this group of creative writing students will never be forgotten. they will be remembered by there jokes and rituals but also by there writing. there excellent slam poetry, poetry in general, there dark stories, there non- fiction stories, and there light hearted funny Pollyanna stories. now don't go and get shanked by a donkey and don't blink.

                 - a friend

i loved being in class with all of you and i will NEVER forget tip. EVER. don't even get me started. i miss you all so much and maybe, just maybe next year I'll run into one of you crazy people again ;) -anonymous