Creative Writing Trinity 2017 session 1

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💕Creative Writing 💕 we were the mafia shhhhhhh Teacher: rachel TA: alexandra Tipsters: Justin,AC,Jean,Katy,Amelia,Rodella,Yasmeen,Cai,Emily,Cordy,Olivia,Shreya,McCayla,Marina,Laura how do we begin? inside jokes? sure why not •everything led back to mafia everything.EVERYTHING •Rodella murdered all her children. A lot •Justin"what is time?"and metaphors in general •"explicit content" • Emo boys hiding behind bushes •Brendon Urie •Marina's cookie intake •THE MYRDER OF AN INNOCWNT BUMBLEBEE •Justin and Rory in general •AC"raspberry" it was lit will always remember our joint child and his beutiful gay son Honestly amazing class everyone was rly talented and I'm so sure that we have some future NYT bestsellers in the cube rly miss you guys

I just found this (Marina) and oh my gosh I miss you guys so much and however made this thank you I just died laughing.