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Criminal Minds: The psychology behind the law

Offered at Duke East Campus.

This class looks into the minds of criminals, especially serial killers. We look at it from a psycological standpoint, studying theories of how the human mind works and the abnormalities that have the potential to create a killer. We look at it from a legal standpoint, examining how the insanity plea works and the impact it has on cases. We study how are serial killers made; Is is nature or nurture? What triggers people to become killers? And we learn about criminal justice and how to catch these criminals through criminal profiling and forensics. We use the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to 'diagnose' fictional characters. We take personality tests and hold mock interrogations. So basically, we do a lot of fun, awesome things! Before 2012, tipsters would participate in exciting projects such as the deviance project, which entails deviating from social norms. Examples of past projects include sitting on the floor, not doing the project to begin with, and touching strangers' elbows. The old final project for the class was a 10-15 minute report on a serial killer of the students' choice (this includes getting to scare actual college kids in the West Duke library with book titles and search pages). Starting from 2012, the final project was a research paper on any topic related to psychology, using case studies for research.

Criminal Minds 2017 Term 2

Criminal Minds 2015 Term 1 We are the octopus.

Teacher: Alex Berger

TA: Copelan Gammon

  • Goals. Also the teacher in charge because Copelan can adult so well and has the only key to the classroom.


Fourth Years:

  • Camille McClain (Milla)- Managed to get sent home for medical reasons. The octopus but also a vampire. Answered almost every question about mental illnesses.

Criminal Minds 2013 Term 2

  • Known to utterly obliterate your faith in humanity

Teacher: Justin a.k.a. the Bufferfly

TA: Copelan (part of Dopelan and is also a serial killer)

Fourth Years

Kelly- Most likely to throw a book in your face

William- Most likely to break Justin

Nora- Most likely to know the answers of the universe

Kersey- Most likely to get away with it

Third Years

Nat- Most likely to be a founding father

LJ- Most likely to bully Justin

Gus- Most likely to be a preppy redneck

Riley- Most likely to survive death by cross

Second Years

Annie- Most likely to be a professional sketch artist

Parker- Most likely to be a 42

Laurence- Most likely to dig a hole

Lauren- Most likely to falsely confess

Lexie- Most likely to be memorable

Taylor- Most likely to oink at other people's pain

Sarah- Most likely to wiggle her chinny-chin-chin

Miranda- You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

Katy- Most likely to use evening study as a workout sesh

Inside Jokes

Justin is a bufferfly with red converse, aviators, a ripped upper-body and a superman shirt.

It's Dopelan....or Cylan, depending on how you look at it.

"Sometimes, I just feel so irrelephant."

Criminal Minds 2012 Term 1

  • Known for excessive eyahs, yolos and general awesomeness

Teacher: Jordan

TA: Joey

Criminal Minds Class 2011 Duke East Term 2

  • This class is notable for having the most students constantly involved in theme days, i.e. Emo Monday and Wear a Skirt Wednesday

Feel free to (Please do!) add any quotes or inside jokes from the class!

Taught By: EmperorJudgeMasterTimSirSensei, or MasterTimSir for short

TAed By: Lauren

Fourth years:

Benjamin- Hehehehehehehehe

Alexis Jones - best prosecuting attorney you will ever see. She's scary good. Seriously, scary.

Waseem Lakhani- Best "Expert" Witness

Third Years:

Spencer Haynsworth

Chandler Evans

Jackie Keaton

Aelish Brown

Laura Eckman

Second Years:

Chloe Hooks- 88% feeling

Eric Bussey- Listens to the clouds

Sophie Gershenwald

Sara Conley

Sidney Cobb

Carson Rogge- Who makes the weirdest facial expressions for everything

Kevin Oh - "I'm going to talk about Manhattan..."

Costanza Rasi

Rennie Svirnovskiy