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Crypto at Wake Forest: The greatest thing ever. 2014: Term II Crypto is was an amazing course for the Term II 2014 students; we had the greatest teacher ever, Kate, and a fun size TA (Victoria). The students were: -The students of the 2014 Term II crypto class.

In the classroom, the white board was legendary for being crooked, and the projector (Optimus) legendary for failing. We had a cute plush tiger named Turing (after the cryptographer Alan Turing) (later known as Bitcoin to 2015 term 1 students) who was later adopted by the student Ricky. We all loved Sherlock and Marcus DuSautoy.

Kate The greatest teacher ever with a love for amazing-ness and beautiful blue hair. She should be a YouTuber, and if she had a band, it would be called "Rainbow Warpaint" based off the rainbow warpaint the student Diego wore during this sessions. Kate also loves corgis and videos of corgis and plans to take over the world with her army of squirrels (watch out Eddy!).

Victoria A fun-size TA who was fun and button-making. We were her first class, which makes us proud.

The 2014 Term II session loved HexaFlexagons (look it up) and cat videos. We constantly played card games such as BS, and enjoyed unintelligent repetitive humour. We had fun but incredibly difficult evening studies and a mild obsession with Marcus. We loved Pusheen the Cat, as well as Hannah and Maru. We were and are incredibly awesome, but not as awesome as Kate and Victoria.