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TA: Jess!! We love jess! Instructor: Celeste!

'== 2019 Classmates ==

  • Lance: enjoys singing very badly.
  • Soraya: Falls over at all times and loves the hat game and her Birbs
  • Valeria: yourmom.com #relatable
  • Blaize: also known as sparky the blaizin tweenager, inferno, blah-zay, fire, water, sparky, tweenager, non-teen
  • Ben: also known as Tiny! Height: 3 feet tall ( not really but lol )
  • Andy: ricegums cousin
  • Tanish: loud XD
  • Sadie: quiet and kind
  • Charlotte: also victim of the hat game
  • Anabel: Good @ Pandemic
  • Riya: wow someone can’t accept the facts we know it when we see it and that’s that
  • Mason: victim of the hat game. super tall. looks like a thumb without his hat.
  • Ela: draws absolutely gorgeously. once drew a drawing of Tanish that was 10/10 accurate would draw again

Inside jokes

  • jess rulz the world
  • lol #relatable
  • yOu wAnNa kNoW soMeThiNG sToOpiD I diD tHiS moRniNG
  • bot commercials
  • “Lemons, the justice fruit only lawyers may touch.” 
  • “Olive Garden. When you’re here, you’re here.”
  • summoning Josh
  • “Oh Jo~sh! We don’t have our lanyards on!!!”
  • “Oh Jo~sh! We have our phones outtt! “
  • egg/marshmallow
   • C O N C E N T R A T I O N 
  • hat game
  • Keep your memories in, Charlotte and Mason. Keep you memories in. 
  • jesspresso!!
  • tiktalik
  • cactus joe
  • your mom
  • chromosocks
   • “ Do these socks asocksually or socksually reproduce? Just asking the important stuff.”
  • lol XD UwU OwO QwQ TwT XwX
  • noo emotions
  • ( 👀 @ you, Jess. )
  • grow up tall and smite us all, Ben. grow up tall and smite us all.
 • mhmmm. yup. tootaly. (👀 @ you Ben)