Daniel Love

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Rice University Term Two

Daniel (or dany if emma's around) is the tipster who got legit high of a mocha from the coffee shop the Words That Matter class walked to during break and couldn't stop making everyone laugh because he just kept walking circles around us while we walked and was like hyperventilating??? while trying to prove he could stand still for ten seconds. He has the snazziest NASA hat and really wants that cool space and time thing (i hope you get it my dood it was hella cool) and isnt afraid to die which yes seems like ummm??? but like this guy thinks about life and would make a wonderful great dad who makes the best of the best dad jokes BECAUSE HES ALREADY BEEN PRACTICING FOR A WHILE AS HIS WHOLE CLASS CAN ATTEST. Daniel Love is everyone's love we all love him (even though he always dies first during every game of mafia and wolf like honestly we know its not him but like kill him off ya know?) and if of course of course a "second year"

notable quotes

  • you look like you're about to get searched by the police
  • i kinda want some more coffee (which he will later regret with every jittering bone of his body)
  • i hate this i cant stop moving
  • yeah no guys im definitely a third year