David's RAG

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David's Rag AKA Worst Rag

David took control of what was previously Court's RAG almost 2 weeks through term one. David was an RHL who stepped up for the lonely group of annoying second years. They had very little contact with the other RAGs, and were generally disliked.


Super chill, but failed his duties and was fired :(

David himself

David is a legendary RHL who has lots of friends and was way better than Court.


Honorary RC who came to our RAG meetings and was generally cool.

Big Events

Mafia Night

Court promised the RAG a movie and pizza, but they were suddenly blindsided by a night of Mafia with Jeremy's RAG.

Golden shower

Devrim peed in the left shower, directly after chugging a bottle of italian soda syrup.

The worst TiPsync ever

The members Courts RAG had some choreography planned out, yet Court was all like 'Nah, just be hype' leading to one of the worst performances at West.


  • Jonathan - Leader, most sane and likeable
  • Blade - Juice god
  • Mark - Proud German
  • Joseph - Man of christ
    • Can I get an amen?
  • Aryan - Likes situation and waaaaaarm milk
  • Som - Nut stasher
  • Andrew - heckin heck
  • Nick - That one kid that was right about his class
  • Michael - Got his girl stolen :(
  • Devrim - Idiot
    • Drives the car
    • Likes trees
    • Pees in shower
  • Anthony - Late to dinner
  • Adam - Resident Communist