Davidson 2017 Term 2

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Davidson 2017 Term 2

   This page is here to summarize the lovely memories shared during Term 2 of Davidson College's 2017 Duke Tip Summer Studies Program.  Feel free to share anything you've "learned" or remembered about this term below.

- sacred trees and sacred grass

-unlikely relationtips

- cringey dances in crowded 900 room

- FaceTime allnighters

- "Oof"

- "Let it Grow"

- sneaking up to the Fourth Floor of Belk Hall

- pie-ing the RCs

- wannabe Silento's during every dance who only whipped and nae naed

- eating raw spaghetti during the Talent Show

- "Smartest Kids In The Nation"

- Bre grinding on George in the second floor lounge, as well as grabbing his schlong

- scabies

- "This is 2017 Bro"

- "Chicken Nuggies"

- kids taking more than 2 desserts at lunch or dinner

- climbing up into and sleeping in the box above the closet of the dorm

- talking in the hallways of Chambers while repeatedly being scolded for doing so

- hitting people with Frizbees

- sleeping through the alarm

- breaking your arm while trying to get out of the bleachers at location of Carnival and Summerfest

- accidentally throwing any kind of ball or Frizbee up into a tree and it getting stuck there

- hanging out in another person's dorm even though it's not allowed

- the musty smell of the lounges

- sleeping in the compartment above your closet, also known as the "sex box"

- Carly's group singing "Guns and Ships" at breakfast one day

- duke tip is a cult

- screaming hamilton songs at the top of your lungs randomly

-"y'all guys y'ickens y'ain't not y'aren't not gettin' jinky with the boneless scoobert doobert nuggies"

- tyler and gregor's nightly meds calls, especially when they beatboxed

- basically, anything gregor did

- how happy everyone felt :) especially when we only had a few days left and you realized how much you loved everyone and everything (i know that's cheesy but I had to put it)

- literally everyone at this term was a hamilton nerd. no joke.

- the debate teacher (or TA? idk) having really elaborate costumes at spirit day

- that feel when you win both rounds of jeapordy or any other activity

- the really gross frat house where lots of the activities were

- the kazoo krew at the talent show and the endless kazoos

- the endless "fireflies" memes (especially at the talent show)

- everyone being really mad when the cvs closed

- "MODERN LAW!" -bobert lawbert