Dear 2019 TiPsters

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=Dear 2019 TiPsters- This is a letter written by Hanvit Lee of Engineering Problem Solving, Term 2, 2018 (and presumably some other people will edit this and probably roast me) and addressed to you, 2019 Davidson TiPster that is dumb enough to read anything from me. Being an introvert, I have literally no idea how to introduce this so I'll just give you some questionable-sounding advice that will make sense later on.

Bad Advice That You Should Only Follow at TiP

  • Just be yourself. If you want to be outgoing, just do it. Most other people there are introverts like you anyways. They won't judge your bad social skills. And if you insult someone else (not in the friendly, sarcastic, way (you know who you are, not going to name any names here (Nikaia.))) you don't belong here. I'm sorry.
  • Don't be a Ricky and have your phone taken (the one time getting in trouble isn't worth it. Unless your RC/RC Buddy is Debbie. Is she still there? Don't tell me she will read this).
  • Edit the TiP wiki. Chronicle your experiences. And please welcome those that come after you. Looking at you 2019 Term 1.
  • Have fun in evening activities (mandatory fun). It can be fun sometimes.
  • Enjoy your time there. Seriously. I am a huge League of Legends addict and I regretted every game of League of Legends I played at TiP, because there were people I should have been talking to instead.
  • When you leave, you will be sad. I showed only two emotions for most of TiP: annoyance (screw you Eric) and laughter, yet I found myself in tears when I had to leave (Nikaia it's not funny).
  • Make jokes. Doesn't matter how bad you are at it. Don't be serious and everyone around you will have fun. Some TAs, RCs, and instructors will actually be a good source of humor (ALEX IF YOU ARE READING THIS I MISS YOU)
  • God. RelationTiPs. I'm just saying, if you actually start having feelings for that person (is that even possible) that relationship will probably not last. But if you somehow get that far, well, make the most out of it.
  • Don't be scared of the dances. I honestly used it as a way to socialize (at the third dance, which is a prom, literally the entire Engineering Problem Solving could be found in one corner). Or you can start a cult (ie Will and I made both a conga line and a t-pose circle during the second dance). Cults are more fun though. ALL PRAISE OUR LORD OOGA CHAKA.

Note: Do NOT trust Hanvit. He’s the most immature and offensive boi you’ll ever meet. Just ask anyone who’s ever talked to him in his life. Always makes stuff up. If he ever tries to make stuff up again or bully you, report him right away. Name one time when you that happened. Henry (I'm pretty sure that's you). Its not my fault that a laser hit you in the face. You knew. You knew that my aim is garbage and that there was wind blowing towards you. I was nice to everyone else. Okay maybe not Dylan. BUT DYLAN KEPT NECKING ME!


Edit: Whoever wrote this can go jump into a flaming Joestar mansion.