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Debbie was...ok?


  • Christina
  • Nikaia
  • Zoey
  • Jasmine
  • Annie
  • Marie
  • Kyra
  • Hannah
  • Mary
  • Cathrine
  • Ella
  • Morgan

Honorary Members

  • Gillian
  • SharkNATo; awkward for kyra and her tampon
  • Sophia

Only If You Were There

  • We all let out our inner gangster when we preformed Umbrella at TIPsync
  • Oh there’s I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII wheels on a big rig and there rolling rolling rolling
  • Spinach therapy, Catherine is certified
  • Mary has the best songs, dance moves and head scratching abilities
  • BallYEET
  • Sleepovers
  • Jazz looks like one of those cool moms (second dance)
  • Zoey really loves potatoes
  • "Debbie your kids are out of control" -Josh
  • "Im gonna like call like a brief meeting so like be on time ok?"
  • "So we leave at 4:15 so meet me out front at 3:30"
  • When Debbie inspected Jasmine's room the last night and invited Nat inside
  • Zoey/Ms. Marilla slayed
  • Zoey and her weird concoctions and her putting things like jello on her face
  • "Girl in the red shirt! Give him back his book!"-Josh
  • Kyra getting high at midnight every night
  • Marie being the tall awkward friend that makes everyone less awkward
  • Kyra throwing her butter (it came off the fork ok ok) at dinner
  • Reagian was better even tho we had her 1/7 of the time
  • ’Ooh he cute he cute’
  • sharknado
  • Being kicked out of the hallway but not listening
  • Everyone going into each other’s rooms


How could we forget when Debbie and Zoey grilled Nat, Ben, Jonathan, and Dax just days before prom. Ben hit all 3 strikes...yikes. L