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Delaney was a first-year in 2013. She is a fabulous person.

Delaney at Davidson

Delaney went to Davidson Term 1 2013. All her friends would call her Laney. Her roommate was Cecilia Robbins. Delaney accidentally broke her roommate's neck before they had first said hello. She opened the door while Cecilia's lanyard was in the keyhole and around her neck. Cecilia went flying. After that, though, their roommateship was a friendly one. Cecilia would always calm Laney down during her frequent panic attacks over performing, boys, being homesick, or the cleanliness of the room/bathroom/most other things. Cece always woke Laney up, except for that one time that they both woke up with just enough time to run down to where their classes were waiting. Delaney taught Cece valuable things, like "If it's not a right angle, it's a wrong angle." Delaney was in Kara's RC group, the Kara Knights, along with Cecilia, Jenny, Abby, Emma, Austen, Ting Ting, Neha, Kiran, and Saya. She would always have a story to tell. She was upside down dinosaur buddies with Jenny, and Kara would frequently tell her to be quiet and call her a drama queen, to which Laney would always respond "No. I don't want to." For their TiP Sync song, her group did Mathmaticious (a parody of Fergalicious). For the talent show, she performed With or Without You (by U2) on her ukulele. She also sang. Laney always sang and played her ukulele on the back stairs, and the girls in her RC group would frequently come and listen to her play. Sometimes, Emma would come out and play her violin to whatever she was singing. Also, Jack Dewey and Laney would sit in the hallways in front of Delaney and Cecilia's dorm. These jam sessions would attract some basement guys and Laney's RC group. Sometimes Rachel's RC group. Occasionally most of the building. Delaney was in Shakesperience: From the Page to the Stage. She played the part of Phebe in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Clarence in Richard III, and Sebastian in The Tempest. The other people in her class, the Merely Players acting troupe, were Lawrence, Emily, William, Rachel, Cesca, Jack, Ella, Allison, Addy, Clarissa, Sophia, and Cole (Cole maybe not so much). The teacher of Shakesperience was Boone J. Hopkins, and the TA was Emily. The kids in Shakesperience really shipped it, imagining they were Boone and Emily's adoptive children, and that Boone and Emily were like the mother and the father, respectively. Boone often reprimanded Delaney for covering herself in Sharpie tattoos and saying she was going to get ink poisoning, but she always replied "Would you rather me have real tattoos of all of these drawings?" To which Boone said, "I guess not." There were a few falling-outs between William and Laney, but rest assured, they're done now.

Delaney's Friends

As already mentioned, Laney's friends were that of the Kara Knights and the Merely Players, as well as the Shadow Council, a service organization provided by the other girls at the dances who didn't want to dance. The Shadow Council proved to be very useful to Laney in hiding from certain people that wanted to dance with her. Also, they provided a secluded place away from the music when everything got to be too much. Delaney was in a RelationTiP with Jack Dewey, aforementioned as a Merely Player. This RelationTiP lasted from the second dance until the last night. The relationship was started by Ella telling Laney that Jack liked her, which led to Thea and Emily finding out. Meanwhile, William and Lawrence found out somehow (still not entirely sure about that). Thea and Emily forced the two together, leading to awkwardness and finally Jack telling her he liked her and asking her out. She said yes, and then a week later, she broke up with him. Laney still sees Lawrence, since he lives about 20 minutes from her (a fact they did not find out till the second week, actually). She also still Skypes and Facebooks her friends until the wee hours of the morning. They still keep in close contact, and plan to go back to TiP at Duke East Term 1 in summer 2014.