Delaney Devlin

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Delaney Devlin
File:Delaney devlin.png
Pronouns She/her
Campus(es) Duke West, Wake Forest
Attended 2017, 2018, 2019
Course(s) Mock Trial, Abnormal Psychology, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
RAG(s) Marissa's Rag, Joy's Rag, Bailey's Boiz
Roommate(s) Charlotte Yates, Annie Hart
Social Media morning glory#1370 on Discord, @delaneymdevlin on Instagram

Delaney Devlin is a fourth year tipster. She is a founding member of the Cult of Tartarus and the Tower Society, and a former member of Marissa and Joy's rags, as well as Bailey's boiz. She wrote this article by mostly herself for her own personal use, with some help, when she was bored during third year ultimate frisbee. She's also owner of the Unofficial TiPster Discord Server


In 2017, Delaney attended her first year at WFU term one. Her rag was Marissa's, in which she befriended her roommate Charlotte Yates and other cult members. For TipSync, the rag was disqualified, as there was "dangerous stunting" in the song "Who Run the Word? Girls." She was in Mock Trial with teacher Stuart "Stu Dog" and TA Kimberlyn "Krimbo Sluce." At TipProm, she came together with Brooklyn Thomas, Greyson Parham and Ava Tighe to form a hell cult called Tartarus. Much of Delaney's first year was spent editing her friends to look like BBC Sherlock characters and stealing cheerios from the dining hall. She also was in the religion of Bob, founded by her friend Tess Anderson. Her class superlative was Most Likely to Have a Reality Show, deemed "Thanks Delaney!," with the catch phrase being what anyone said when she said something cheeky. Sadly, her name was not printed in the Term Book.


For second year, Delaney attended Duke West which has become her home. She was in the infamous Joy's rag, with her roommate Annie Hart. Along with Annie, Everly Hunkler and Sophia Castillo, Delaney founded the quirky and edgy Tower Society, which would sneak to the 6th floor to play Mao. Delaney was in Abnormal Psychology with teacher Alexandria and TA Sarah, who had a very strange walk. In her class, she was known for kazooing without restraint and even played the kazoo for the famed gay Jewish cake wedding between Alexandra and Taylor. For this, she earned a kazoo related spot on the back of her class shirt. For TipSync, her rag performed No Scrubs by TLC, which she and Annie choreographed. Her class superlative was Best Dressed, and her rag superlative was Most Likely to Kazoo Krazy. Since second year, she has been a fierce Wester.


Third year, Delaney returned to West in the inaurgural class of Ethics of AI. Her teacher, robot AI Ben, and Professor Doctor Teacher Master Leader Mister Brodi as her TA, were both good. She was in Bailey's Boiz, who won second place in TipSync with a mashup of Call Me Maybe, Take On Me and Dynamite, and fourth place in the scavenger hunt. Her class superlative was Most Magical due to her dropping her voodoo doll first place and generally witchy vibes. Her rag superlative was Most Likely to go Hard to Rockefeller Street Nightcore, which is her unironically favorite song.