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Della was the on-site nurse for Duke East Term 1&2, 2019. She was known for engaging in conversation with all of the students coming in for meds. No matter how long the line, each student would get a lovely chat. Della also prescribed Gatorade for every issue. Dehydration? Gatorade. Broken leg? Gatorade. Bubonic Plague? G a t o r a d e

Della also repeatedly broke one of the biggest TIPolicies of being in a room alone with a minor, no other adults present.

Marie has hives. Marie goes to the med office. Della is not there. Marie calls Della. Della asks if meds are necessary due to the fact that she is doing laundry.

Most people do not like Della. Honestly, she did not seem to be the most socially adept person. One time she bragged to a crippled 4th year about being convinced to play in the Staff V. Students game.

Della seemed to be focused more on the social part of TIP rather than the actual medicine part, even going as far as to warn students that she would "photobomb them" during the last dance for her scapbook.

She has a Tinder

Della also refrained from giving students their birth control on proper time due to the fact that there wouldn’t be a problem “unless they were having sex”

Just a general lack of medical knowledge is very evident with Della