Denis Golub

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Denis Golub is currently a third year at Duke East Term 1. For his first year, he attended Trinity University in 2012 and took the Web Applications course. In 2013, he came to Duke East and became an absolute legend. Sloth is love, Sloth is life. He is currently eternal holder of the only Q hat to come back to East, was one of two third years (with Andrew Pham) on the legendary DreamTeam that beat Watercolors. He will become co-captain, with Andrew Pham, of DreamTeam in 2015 During one specatacular after dinner conversation between Nathan Caroon and Bryan Marin, it was discovered that by strategically extending the left line in the D in Denis you come up with an insanely awesome nickname. Bryan thought back to how Denis had stolen his cookie during that dinner and thus was coined the nickname for the first time ever pronounced "Peh" not "Pee". And eternally shaming Denis with the awesome nickname that could be used as a comeback for anything and would always be funny especially when he would call Bryan by Carlos which is a no-effort nickname. Also sometimes Golub is substituted for Gobler. In 2015 Duke East Denis became a fat lard who tacos frisbees 24/7.