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denisccc (pronounced Denis) is all the seagulls with black heads. It started in 2016 and each year you MUST find an RC to agree to let you put a denisccc in their room: 2016-17: Ryan 2018: Erin

Their favorite snack is cheeseballs. denisccc is always spelled with 3 silent C's because he's thiccc (but of course the amount of C's can vary according to the thicccness of the denisccc). The original name (denis with a lowercase d was based off the word penis, but the p was flipped upside down. Therefore, if denisccc is spelled with a capital D it is considered incorrect).

The classic denisccc catching technique is as follows (but if you can think of something better PLEASE go for it. Whoever catches one is a LEGEND): Lay down on the quad with a green towel over you that's covered in cheeseballs. When a denisccc comes to eat them, you then quickly grab it. This may take several hours and a person to watch and alert them to a nearby denisccc (make sure the lookout isn't in a relationTIP and will pay attention to the denisccc catching).* Cough cough* Rebecca *cough*