Desi Sharpe

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Instructor at UGA

Instructor of The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity since TIP at UGA started in '09. She has rainbow hair, and is the most awesome instructor ever. Her powerpoints are awesome, and she knows all the best cute animal YouTube videos. You'll never regret taking her class, and you definitely won't be disappointed. Desi is super chill and her class completely revolves around whatever the students want to do. She and her TA Lauren are the main reason we love The Brain so much!


Desi is the overall wierdest instructor @ Tip which makes her the only being in tipster history eleigible for teaching the BRA1N. The class was an original idea and well she made the saying true that the worst days @ tip are better than the best days at home. Desi thanks for neuroscience charades, bonobos,and children on meds because u made all of those important aspects the themes of the summee.We love and thanks you