Design Challenges (AC 2018 Term 1)

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Welcome to the page of Design Challenges Term 1 at Austin College. This is a tribute to the greatest class of all time.

Behind the Names

Bubbles, An Origin Story

One day, there was a TA. She walked into class with her head held high. She had thought of an icebreaker that would blow everyone out of the water: the adjective name game. After nights of thinking of an adjective (bodacious, beautiful, and bright sounding very pretentious), she came up with one by being told it by one of her coworkers: Bubbly Bilquis. So Bilquis introduced herself into a circle of strangers as Bubbly Bilquis. This was the first step towards becoming who she was meant to be. Let's fast forward two days later. Bilquis was feeling super duper lazy, so she put her hair into - wait for it- two buns. So Bilquis was just walking through class, full of vigor and youth and wisdom. She's called over by Tall Ty. He says: "Can we call you Bubbles?" Of course, Bilquis was puzzled. Was this a slight? Some weird slang from the newest generation? So she asks back to Tall Ty "Why?" He said, and the world will never be the same: "On the first day you introduced yourself as Bubbly Bilquis, and your hair looks like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls." His TA was speechless. In the few seconds that she contemplated this statement, she went through, looking for something to retort. After that time, Bilquis replies,"I can't argue with that logic." And she was forever immortalized as Bubbles from that day on.

Why is Daniel a Frizzle?

The iconic Nathan decided one day that he wanted to roast his instructor, and he told him that he looked like Ms Frizzle (he kinda does). This inspired two buttons of Ms Frizzle and a lifetime of giggles. He is a good sport about it.

Class Superlatives

Most Likely To...

Amy ACTUALLY Become an Engineer


Carlos Own a Popsicle Stick Bridge Business

Miguel Reply With a Bad (Dad) Joke

Donovan Use Every Popsicle Stick in the Box

Nathan Start a Right Triangle Cult

Pierre Be Related to An Alligator

Haris Drop Every Dime

Abby Fall Asleep as President

Varun Sauce Everyone on the Court (including the referee)

Brenna Be a Professional Athlete

Sahib Say Sorry

Ty Create a Language About Bros, For Bros, With Bros...Bro

Bilquis aka "Bubbles" Be the Bubbliest Bubble

Daniel aka "Frizzle" Be Bob Ross

You Had To Be There (But I'll Try to Explain)

The Imaginary Physics World

This is a place you never want to go. This is a place where we are all weightless, or other things that don't make sense, especially in the context of any class. Invented by the illustrious and very bright Donovan. Obviously a product of his abundant imagination, it definitely comes from a place of curiosity. However, it has become anathema to anyone in Design Challenges during term 1. I had nightmares about it. Let's never speak of it again.

Golly Gee

So, the first night there was a Kahoot that was created by the best TA to ever TA for the Design Challenges class. Of the entire Kahoot, only one question had a point value. The question was "So did you guys have fun?" The options were: "Yes indeed," "Golly, gee, this was swell!" "I mean, it was alright," and "Nah, this was super boring." You can all tell what the right answer was. It wasn't so evident to the kiddos, and the results were met with lots of yelling (ridiculous). So the TA was challenged to say golly gee every day if I say it so often. I can accurately say that this TA did not say golly gee every day and was called out multiple times for this infraction. Golly gee.