Desmond's RAG

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Desmond Gatling's RAG from Duke West Term II. This RAG is known for their cover of "Congratulations" by Post Malone at TipSync and for buying Wilson the Watermelon and his son Jose at the Harris-Teeters on Ninth Street. They were Team Grellow for QuadFest but got third. Desmond is know for his nonchalant and extremely chill attitude.

Notable Events

  • Jack brought his horse mask, white mask, Batman mask, and collection of hats and beanies for TipSync. They epically performed a Post Malone song and Ethan did some backflips.
  • Barrett, Jack, and Andrew E. bought watermelons during their RAG night and destroyed one during the chant for Grellow during QuadFest.
  • Jack and Barrett also bought decent PVC pipe bows form a toy store and used them during QuadFedt until Barrett broke a window.
  • Andrew went viral on Snapchat and across Duke West for his simplistic and fucking hilarious dance during TipSync in which he slowly moved his arms up and down in a running fashion for four minutes straight.


  • Desmond - RC known for being super chill and doing everyone's laundry at 2 in the morning.
  • Max - Pro at soccer, hangs out with second years more than his RAG
  • Barrett - Hype guy, de facto leader, really strong and big, coinventor of "Besitos"
  • Jack - Owns bunch of masks and hats, plays ukulele, coinventor of "Besitos"
  • Ethan Hung - can do many backflips, good at Ultimate, curses a lot
  • Franklin - Plays on his computer late, makes really good slurping and eating noises
  • Trey - Looks identical to Daniel Radcliffe
  • Alex - Watches live streams all the time
  • Andrew - Master of his own dance cult, really funny, also on phone a lot
  • Julian - really chill and is very friendly
  • Brandon - plays COD and CS:GO until 4 AM
  • Ethan Machen - just your average joe who sinks decent basketball shots
  • Nikhil - super nice, always friendly and will talk all the time