Devils Handiwork

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These are the rules created by Satin for the purposes of Mau @ GT 2014. They're not spoilers. They are HINTS. Notice NONE of them explains the rule.

Satanic Plaything

No one knows the full extent of this rule but the devil himself. Involves the card of the devil. If you violate it, you lose and the person to your left loses.

Be Nice

When you add a rule, you must explain it to all other players.

Heart Failure

Advice: Don't play hearts while this is in play unless you know the rule.


Lion failure. Lion failure. Lion failure.


Animal + Lion + Turtle all in one!

Skip to my Lou

Skips one player. Sometimes

Speeding Bullet

Allows you to play 2 cards per turn if you ghsfbkfkgunskhfjg.

Turbo Boost

'Randomizes' the turn order

My Name Is

Selective Rule.


Messes with all the other rules


Messes with all the other rules