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To start off, who even thinks about him anymore?

This kid is legitimately the most pessimistic being you'll ever meet. What is this dude's problem with following everyone around? Also why is everyone chanting his name at the top of their lungs past lights out when people are trying to sleep? And yet he is allowed to do things that he shouldn't, such as infiltrating the fourth years' dorms when he isn't supposed to. He thinks that he is above all else and that he can do whatever he wants. Half the time, he doesn't know what he's doing or who he's talking to, he just acts without thinking. I mean, it's not funny when he does it, it's just really pathetic. But still, its not like he can magically stop and disappear. He'll always pop back up once or twice in your life no matter what you do, you can't stop this disease. Maybe it's just better that we forget about him once and for all.