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These interestingly shaped Popsicles were discovered at Duke West Term II 2010 in the Great Hall. The politically correct term for a Popsicle of this magnitude is a Mega Missile. Each Dicksicle is composed of three sectors, similar to a rocket pop. The first is fudge, the second is banana, and the third is fudge once more. The origination of the term Dicksicle dates back to the first week of that fateful term. A boy named Matthew Millett was holding one, and, upon her return from disposing of her tray, Fiona came back and exclaimed, "Haha, Matthew got a Dicksicle!" The boys burst into laughter and explained that they had in fact been making discreet sexual innuendos but had not been saying anything so blunt. Later on in the term, such events occurred as the infamous Dicksicle Eating Contest. These epic frozen genitalia were not restocked, so in the beginning of the third week, such Mega Missile-based entertainment was shut down. They will be mourned forever.