Dictators, Kings, and CEOs: The Evolution of Empire

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East Term II 2018

Instructor: Nacona Nix (least likely to fight a dragon)

TA: Katherine Schauer (most likely to roast the students)

This was a truly legendary class that none of us will ever forget. Between none of the boys talking for the first two weeks and rides on Jimmy's wheelchair, Evolution of Empire was absolutely incredible. Everyone in the class was awesome and Katherine was a 10/10 TA who let us pet two forbidden dogs.

Small class pic DKC.jpg
Name Superlative
Adam Astrachan most likely to take his sweet, sweet time
Kelsey Birnholz most likely to be soft-edgy
Ella Blair most likely to be the main character of Pinkalicious
Savannah Cox most likely to dress like Genghis Khan
Zack Donovan most Henri
Annie Franklin the next Mary Berry
Jimmy Grammig most likely to be making his way downtown
Josey Higginbotham best positivity grunger
Abigail Nickelson the frat daddy most likely to steal your man
Madelyn Outman most likely to become a SCOTUS judge (and have the shiniest of the lipglosses)
Tenley Roberson most likely to sneak a book anywhere
Annacat Sacher most likely to become a Russian pirate
Justin Stevens best eyelashes
Jack Swanner most likely to mention the motherland in his vows to Caligula
Emilie Ticer most likely to slide into Abraham Lincoln's DMs
Ava Tiffany most likely to hit the tennis courts after school drop off
Jack Waterman most articulate

Class Jokes:

  1. Alien Hitler
  2. Ripped George Washington
  3. Young *insert politician here*
  4. "You had me at aqueducts."- Nacona
  5. Avatar is Sexy
  6. Parrot vs. Peacock
  7. Peter Weller (our khaki daddy)
  8. Endless Soup and Salad at Olive Garden
  9. "The fate of the world rests in Gregory's baby hands."
  10. Little Bigots
  12. Ha, ha, ha. I'm white.
  13. Banana Pudding is Salad
  14. Civil War Documentary Song (Ashokan Farewell) (Amen) (Junebug)
  15. Planet E
  16. Amazon Prime, bitch!
  17. "They are all right. They no longer wear trousers."- Claudius
  18. Emilie's Love for Presidents
  19. KVIIItlynne is Pronounced Gennifer
  20. Peanut Gestapo
  21. Zyzzex Road
  22. Henri the Existential Cat
  23. "We're in this basement with moving bookshelves and an old man. We need to find the book about Twitter and leave."- Ella
  24. Scaring Jimmy
  25. "Does heterosexual mean you like the same gender?"- Ava (she actually knew what it meant btw)
  26. Peter Weller: most likely to stay in his pants
  27. Dragons: "They're like bears: they're gay."- Justin
  28. "Where is thou shalt not covet your neighbor's eyelashes from?"- Ava
  29. "I tried to look cute today because we all know how hot museum curators can be."- Emilie
  30. Pedophile Teachers
  31. Dank Communists
  32. Unpopular Opinion: The Nazis were bad.
  33. "Is equality communism"- Ava
  34. Back to poverty...
  35. Hydration Via Education
  36. Can we do the drinking game really religiously today?
  37. she protec, she attac, most importantly she TA Kat
  38. scholars think transportation is one of the reasons the Romans didn't colonize Mars
  39. Emilie's laugh
  40. Kelsey being very Democrat and Savannah being very Republican