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Dindy is the ship name of Dyan and Indy, Austin College Term 1 2014. Dindy is the cutest thing ever in my opinion and I would love for people to post more info about it (unfortunately Indy hasn't filled me in on the exact story of how they formed).

Ok this is Dyan I have no idea who did this but whoever it was tysm you just made my day.

So yeah Dindy is the ship name of Indy and I. We were both in Creative Writing and we were pretty good friends and eventually we decided to become a couple. We're not really together anymore but we're still really good friends and I hope it stays that way because Indy is absolutely amazing and I love him so much :)

So a few fun facts:

-Indy was in Jeff's RC group and I was in Kat's RC group

-Our song is Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

-We sang Easy Way Out by Gotye at the talent show (we were gonna sing Brick by Ben Folds but whatever)

-Kat's RC grip called themselves Dumbledore's Army because we were all Dindy shippers (it was really just a code so Kelley wouldn't know)

-Indy's and my birthdays are two days apart (mine is 1.4 and his is 1.6)

-Morgan kept saying I should face attack Indy (I still laugh oops)

Indy has really made an impact on my life and I'm forever grateful that I met him that summer <3

and I also hope he sees this bc its the best thing ever