Disease Transmission & Immunology

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Disease Transmission & Immunology is a class offered at Davidson, both terms.

Past Classes


Taught at some point by Kari Rhoades & her ongoing TA Jennifer.

TERM II-Students

Immunology was filled with a very... Ahem, interesting assortment of students in Term II, '06. They Are:

  • Daniel "We" "PPP" Weiner
  • Daniel "Wa" "ERS Master" Wang
  • Gary "Mary" Li
  • Kevin "Ultimate" Sun
  • Nathan "Dog&Glass Door" Lane
  • Mohini "Money" Mallik Lal
  • Denise "Nikki" Neibloom
  • Samantha Worsham
  • Camille "Chamillionaire" Peeples
  • Zenas "Contaminator" Han
  • Brett "Anthrax" Wade
  • Angela Yoon
  • Andrew "timeman"
  • Alex
  • Priyanka Chatterjee

DT&I was a very troublesome class for their TA, Miss Jennifer. For one thing, they could never walk together, forcing Miss Jennifer to make them an amoeba, leading to Nathan Lane's "We Are An Amoeba" termbook quote. For another, the girls were continually late, so they had to keep standing on the wall, which was uncomfortable and icky, due to many different insects that made their home on and in the wall.

Origin of nicknames:

  • Nathan's nickname was earned when he refused to admit that he couldn't play frisbee worth a crap and Nikki commented on how much he was like a dog that wouldn't stop running into a glass door.
  • Daniel's nickname stands for PinkEyedPimp, of which he is none of, but we let him think he is because he's Money's best friend and she doesn't want his self-esteem to drop any lower.
  • Both Nikki and Money's nicknames were given before tip, due to either the hatred of or mispronunciation of their real names.
  • Zenas's nickname was earned due to his inability to hold a beaker containing bacteria. He nearly poisoned himself w/ E.Coli more than once.
  • Andrew became known as Timeman after Money refused to believe anyone's watch but his.
  • Brett is known as Anthrax or the Aerospace engineer who was taking DT&I for suspicious reasons.
  • Kevin is known as Ultimate due to his Ultimate Ultimate skills.
  • Gary's called Mary because this class is just unoriginal sometimes. Hey, they can't all be gems!
  • There were two Daniel W.'s, so to prevent confusion, Daniel Weiner became "Daniel We" and Daniel Wang became Daniel "Wa."
  • Daniel "Wa" was the best ERS player on campus, and he played any chance he got. He was thus named, the "ERS Master."

Special Moments

  • The day Money got angry at Nikki and randomly declared Daniel her best friend. & It was all legend about those 2 from there...
  • The time Nathan asked Nikki out and she replied, "Do I have to?"
  • When Money & Daniel changed the lyrics of Over My Head by the Fray to say, "Nikki's on Nathan's mind". They also changed Nikki's Hugs not Drugs song to say, "My name is Nikki/And I love Nathan/I Just pretend/That I hate him
  • When Andrew turned his wrist to check the time and totally forgot he was holding a full test tube of bacteria
  • When Camille began the Great Contamination
  • The first time Zenas fell asleep in class
  • The first two weeks while Money's voice was still gone and she had to communicate w/ hand gestures and notes.
  • The Cold Pipette War
  • The Michael Jackson Slideshow
  • Fact-DT&I is probably the most unwanted class at Davidson. In fact, the only five people who had DT&I as a first choice were Sam Worsham, Camille Peeples, Money Mallik, Daniel Wang, & Daniel Weiner.We did have the most fun though.
  • Fact-DT&I had a feud w/ Introduction to Lab Sciences that culminated when Miss Jennifer snuck into their lab and wrote Immunology Rules on all their equipment.
  • Fact-Money Mallik was involved in the Great Noodle Escapade of 06. She created the handsome ransom note.
  • Fact-Daniel Weiner has had Miss Jennifer as a TA since he was a first year.
  • Fact-Daniel Weiner has a suicide fetish, & has therefore created some odd ways to commit suicide, including:
    • slitting one's wrists with a fingernail, witnessed by Money, tested during a conversation by IR of their own greatness, something strong enough to evoke suicidal thoughts in anyone... & it worked.
    • hanging oneself from a coat hook in a car, thought up during a field trip car ride during which Miss Jennifer prohibited Daniel, Money, & Nikki from killing Nathan for trying to put on Metallica instead of Lil Jon.
  • Fact-Nathan owned no shirts that weren't either black or polos.