Doctor Doctor Script, Duke West Term 1 2010

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The entire script can be found below. The four themes were original, world cup, hipster, and then TIP.


World Cup


Seeing that hipsterdom had become an overarching theme at TiP West Arun and Shane decided that it would perfectly appropriate to write a hipster Doctor Doctor script. Hopefully everyone got the jokes, but they may have been too obscure.

C: Mother! Have you heard the band "Mother I Have a Pain!"?

M: No! Where did you hear them?!

C: Bonaroo!

M: Bonaroo?

C: No, Lollapalooza!

M: Lollapalooza?

C: No, South by Southwest!

M: Oh I went backstage with "I'll Call Your Father" there!

F: Yes dear?

C: Top 40 Crunk has given me a pain!

M: She has a pain!

F: Top 40? What did you listen to it on?

C: An 8-track!

F: An 8-track?

C: No, a B-side!

F: A B-side?

C: No, a phonograph!

F: I'll call that friend of a friend who seems to know all the good music!

D: Yes, I've heard them and their first album was better

C: I have a pain!

M: She has a pain!

F: It's pretty obscure.

D: A pain? What was it played on?

C: A harpsichord!

D: A harpsichord?

C: Sooooooooo surfaaaaaace... (dies)

M: What do you think the underlying message was?

D: She's sooo mainstream

M: What do we do?

D: I'll call the record store

Mort: Ezra's Records! You may have it on vinyl, but we've heard it live!

Dir: Cut! Cut! Cut! That was way too obscure!!! What were those references even about!!! That was too weird to be part of the Sundance Film Festival!!! I want to know what you are talking about, I want to have been immersed in the theme for the three best weeks of my life!!! I want TIP!!!

TIP (rules)