Dr. Hooray

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Dr. Hooray, simply put, is the entire universe. That is, he makes up every particle of every being in the entire universe, or somesuch concept. At any rate, Dr. Hooray is the heart and soul of TIP, no matter what anyone says about the Llama. Dr. Hooray makes up the llama. He inspires the llama. He owns the llama. But I digress . . .

Once a year, Dr. Hooray condescends to the TIPsters of East Term II, taking physical form. Namely, the form of an orange, with a face drawn on the skin. The orange and face are selected and formed by a fourth year Secretary of Dr. Hooray's choosing. Said secretary subsequently cares for Dr. Hooray while he manifests his physical form. Duties of said secretary include:

  • toting Dr. Hooray around campus, Ninth Street, or anywhere said secretary may happen to be.
  • conducting counseling sessions with distraugh TIPsters wherein the secretary communicates Dr. Hooray's thoughts to patient.
  • Reincarnating Dr. Hooray with a fresh orange when the first fruit has rotted.
  • sacrificing Dr. Hooray's physical manifestation with a spoon at the last breakfast the morning of departure.
  • Handing down the position of secretary to Dr. Hooray to a suitable rising fourth year.

Dr. Hooray is an excellent counselor, dictator, and all around overlord.

Past secretaries of Dr. Hooray include:

  • Richard Futrell (the first holder of the sacred office)-- 2004
  • Miranda Peloquin -- 2005
  • Samantha Brooks --2006

Oh, and Dr. Hooray is not a tradition. However, promoted stealthily and without overpromotion, he may quietly become one.