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Drew was a tipster from 2012 to 2015. They went all four years (New College term 1, West term 1, East term 1, East term 1). They probably left no particular legacy but loved tip very much and plans on continuing to be a part of the community online and hopefully as a staff member when they are old enough.


Drew went to New College of Florida for their first year of tip. They took Creative Writing: Express Yourself from Mal and Laura Jo (the best teachers in the world) in the skyroom (the best classroom in the world). Drew was inseparable from their best friend (Becca) and their relationtip (Alex) during the whole term. The three of them were in the same class and during free time they could often be found with Jack and sometimes Sara. Sara became friends with Drew and Becca one day at lunch when they sat by the bathroom in the Hamm making intippropriate jokes about awkward turtles. Becca and Drew were both in Jessie's RAG that year. They made friends on the first day when Drew came out of their room to ask for tape. Becca didn't have any but the two of them talked and exchanged stories for hours after Drew asked her for tape. They talked so much that Jessie and some of the people in that RAG thought that Drew and Becca knew each other from before tip. They didn't. The two of them are just twin souls. Drew participated in tipsync by themself. They did a barely choreographed dance to "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha. They came in second place, but they would have come in first place if the song they had chosen had been tippropriate. During the subsequent screening of the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," Drew took a nap under one of the desks and therefore missed all of the SeƱor Guapo jokes made by Jack. Drew's favorite foods at New College were the bagels topped with butter and fried potato cubes and the strawberry chocolate chip muffins. Drew performed "Animal" by Ke$ha at the talent show thus securing their identifier as "Ke$ha girl" (please note that Drew no longer identifies as a girl).


Drew went to Duke West their second year of tip. They took Abnormal Psychology from Turgut and Lucia in the theology building. They mostly went to West because Becca and Sara were both going there. Drew's best friend from school (Maddie) also went there that year. Drew, Becca and Sara were all in Mary's rag that year. Mary didn't like any of them. It was terrible. Sara and Maddie were in Drew's class that year. The three often hung out with Scott (who was also in that class) and Becca. Drew did tipsync with their rag that year. They performed "Hey Juliet" and it was terrible. Drew danced with Scott for either "I don't wanna miss a thing" or "Iris" at the second dance. Things may or may not have happened between them on the second to last night but it is more likely that they didn't (although Drew can confirm that Scott is in fact a terrible kisser). Drew struggled with the infamously bad food at West but they can safely recommend the biscuits. Drew performed "She Will be Loved' with the cup part of the cup song along with Fourth year Madeline.


Drew went to Duke East their last two years of tip. Their third year they took Literary License without Limits from Deanna and Kayla (also the best teachers ever) in Carr. Lit License was that term's cult class. They had lunch together for most of the first week and had an insane amount of inside jokes. Their cultishness culminated in three events: the pinecone incident, preparations for the last dance and the chain of love. The pinecone incident happened on Hipster Tipster Thursday when Deanna and Kayla took the class to the Nasher and asked them to ponder "What is art?" This question deeply affected fourth year Dylan Quintal who upon entering the museum asked "If I breathe very intentionally in this museum, is it art?" his mental state only improved (worsened?) from there. After the group left the museum, they were waiting just outside of a clearing for the bus when Dylan, driven wild by the question of art ran into the middle of the clearing and picked up a pinecone. He stared at the class. The class stared back. He then stared at the pinecone. The pinecone stared back. It is said he and the pinecone saw into each other's souls before he looked at the class once more, yelled "IS THIS ART?" and proceeded to take a bite out of the pinecone and spit it out. Drew felt honored to be among the group of people to witness the event. Deanna and Kayla allowed the members of their class to prepare for the dance together during the final evening study session. The tipsters helped each other make decisions about clothing. They did each other's hair and makeup. It was truly a bonding experience for all in the group. The chain of love happened on the last day of class. After filling out the surveys about the term, the tipsters (fourth years in particular) were feeling some emotional distress, and in order to comfort one another, they al joined hands on the walk back to Carr from Basset. A photograph was taken by Kayla in which the tipsters appear wearing their class shirts and holding hands. None of them appear to be speaking. This was Drew's coer photo on facebook for over a year, when it was replaced by the photo of the final American Pie of their fourth year. Drew appears seventh from the right in this photo, between Cris and Helen. During this term, Drew was also a founding member of the Breakfast Club. They sat with the group during breakfast and lunch everyday for the last two weeks and always hung out with them during free time. The Breakfast Club included Drew's boyfriend Henry, their roommate Sylvia, as well as Grace from their class, Duco, Niles, Katie, Matthew, Griffin, Ro, Maria and Maria's boyfriend Jackson. There may or may not have been other members. After a week of the two being shipped ceaselessly by literally everyone, Drew and Henry went to the dance together. The rest is history. They remain together to this day. They try (and sometimes fail) not to be obnoxious about their relationship. People mostly think its cute until they think its weird. Drew did not participate in tipsync or the talent show that year. Drew's favorite foods were the cheese pizza and the M&M cookies.


Drew's fourth and most epic year, they took Bach to Rock from Josh and Max (they were p cool) in Biddle. This was also their first year being out as trans. Bach to Rock was a punstoppable class. This is the only possible way to describe it. Drew's RC that year was not her favorite, but they made u for it by befriending Shawn and Christine. Drew started to see them as parental figures. That year, dorms were gender segregated... sort of. Alspavgh was the only building with no residents who were out as trans. This was the "guy" dorm. Pegram housed the most openly trans tipsters (the four founders of the Pegram Trans Squad, which later became the East Trans Squad), but was home to mostly 2nd & 3rd year girls. Basset was home to only Drew and the fourth year girls. They were initially quite skittish about this, but grew to love it, as they felt mothered by most of the people in their building. Drew continued to date Henry during this term. They celebrated their anniversary at the first dance. Drew scored a 59 the first time they took the rice test during this term. It may or may not have dropped four more points during the course of the term. Despite the one act limit for the talent show, Drew managed to be in three (including Doctor Doctor). They sang "House of Gold" by twenty one pilots with Henry and Isaac, performed a spoken word piece that made everyone cry, and played an RC in the test that shall not be named version of Doctor Doctor. Drew's favorite foods this term were the biscuits (topped with eggs) and the M&M cookies. They often had frosted flakes for dinner.

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