Duke East Great Scavenger Hunt

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The start of it all

The Duke East Great Scavenger Hunt was developed by Davidson Term 2 2011 TIPsters who wanted to make their terms a little bit more... interesting. These 4 2nd-year TIPsters (by the names of Gregor Haas, Tyler Tinari, Clayton Delp and Jack Briones) decided to create and complete a scavenger hunt. Gregor and Jack went to East Campus Term 1 2012 and created a scavenger hunt consisting of 5 clues. The Main office desk, B. Duke's hat, the Wilson bench, Brown Room 215, and Jordan Robinson (RC) held these clues. At the start of Term 2, Tyler and Clayton initiated the scavenger hunt only to find 3 clues to be tampered with. Luckily, the clues that were misplaced were returned to Tyler and Clayton or to the original place they were. The scavenger hunt continued and on the great day of Quadfest. When Tyler mooed at Jordan R, the scavenger hunt ended just after dinner, and Tyler and Clayton received the prize of beef jerky and German chocolate.