Duke East Term 2 2020

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Wow, you really thought there would be a page for this year? Just kidding! 2020 is the year of the rat, and similar to how rats helped spread the bubonic plague, the year of the rat has been a significant contributing factor to the spread of the coronavirus. Duke admin announced its decision to cancel all Duke TiP programs (except online courses) on March 30th. This caused immediate chaos in the Duke East Term II 2019 and 2020 Group Me chats. Everyone was emotional, especially the fourth years who thought this term would be their last time to ever attend camp. The llamanati group chat was also panicking over what would become of their traditions and the great sadness they felt knowing they would never get to live them out. The SMP group chat was filled with tearful, heartfelt remembrances of their times spent together and paragraphs of memories they had yet the chance to make. Not even the 4th years of the 2019 term could console the grieving tipsters. Just when fourth years thought all was lost, a miracle happened. Though it was an idea often talked about during terms past and campaigned for unsuccessfully by a few outspoken tipsters, the idea of having 5th years always seemed out of reach. However, for once it seemed admin had a heart for the tipsters begging for a chance to have one last term at TiP. Duke admin announced after hours of emotional torture that all 10th graders enrolled or waitlisted for the 2020 term would be given the one time only chance to apply for TiP the summer before their senior year. The reaction was instantaneous. Celebrations of the tipsters could be heard around the world as the weight and sorrow they had carried on their shoulders was finally lifted. Though it will possibly be difficult to fit camp into the busy schedules of many college-bound tipsters, many have already committed to being the one and only fifth years. This is a legendary opportunity, and thus it has raised many questions from all parties involved. Common questions are listed below. To find out more general information about the cancellation, refer to the informative, albeit badly organized, Cancellation of 2020 page.

Feel free to add any questions you might have. They will be recorded here, so we can all have a good laugh when we find out the answers in 2021.

  • What will happen to traditions? Will fourth years get to still have them?
  • Will there be 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th years during the 2021 term, or will admin take away the 2nd years?
  • Where will the 5th years stay?
  • Will the 5th years get a new lanyard color?
  • Will the 5th years get more special privileges than the 4th years?