Duke West Robotics Term 2 2011

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One of the best classes at west by far. We had the amazing Doc Miller as our Instructor. The class consisted mostly of using Python (programming language) on Mac laptops installed with Linux to program robots to do various things like driving in squares and following colored bricks.


  • Violent Valerie
  • Larping Luke (LARP)
  • Super Sunny
  • Rockin Richard
  • Dumb Dominico
  • Fun Phillip
  • Loud Lucie
  • Cool Cooper (Coop)
  • Sexy Steven
  • Dancing Daniel
  • Magnificent Michael
  • Ridiculous Robby
  • Jumping Justin (The Communist)
  • Awkward Ali
  • Asian Andrew (Mr. McSwaggin)
  • Kung-Fu Kefu
  • Benjamin (Ginger Nazi)
  • Beasting Benson