East Nile Virus

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The Beginning

During Duke East Term I 2007, An unstoppable team ran unchallenged on campus. Destroying younger, inexperienced teams, making people cry, and generally owning every Frisbee game on campus, The Blackbears were a charging Rhino. In these times of hopelessness, a new light came into play. Friends Noel Thompson and Phil Halsted decided it was time for change. Under their power, they founded the East Nile Virus Ultimate Frisbee team just in time for the tournament.

Year 1

Phil- The Eskimo Giant - The Asian Sensation Hannah- The girl nobody suspected Charlotte- The Cowboy Biter Ashish- The Rock of the team...as well as paper and Scissors Andrew- The Quiet Tough Guy Savannah- The Intimidator Will "Spanky"- The Scout/ Nightmare of young children Ammar- The Natural Noel- The Thumber/ Speech Maker Together, this team was a formidable opponent, and used their collective Frisbee powers to ROCK! Their first opponent, Team HUGO, went down in a matter of 24 minutes and 37 seconds. 7-0. Their first loss came to opponent Water Colors, who took them down 7-4 in a hard fought match Here they were slated to play their arch-nemesis the Black Bears. A heart-wrenching speech was made by captain Noel Thompson, some bad 300 references were used, and they ended up losing 7-0. The Blackbears ended up winning the tournament, and no real significant changes were made by the East Nile Virus...but they still KICKED BUTT!


Possession of the East Nile Virus is now under Kelvin Wey's leadership... May their legacy live on.. http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v77/71/71/1548600082/n1548600082_30059475_8756.jpg