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The RC Destined for Eternal Glory

Edward Bender was an RC at Duke East campus Term 1 2012. Edward was the RC for the only 3rd year boy RAG in Basset Dorm. Edward was altogether very knowledgeable of the TiP system for being a first year RC that never attended TiP as a TiPster. He was such a great RC he won the fishing pole during the first week for his "RC Skills."

The Photo

Edward 15 Edward 15 was a garage band that consisted of the members of the RAG. We practiced in the empty room at the end of the hall next to Edward's room because the empty room next to Club JAG had a F-150 truck in it. Some hit singles by Edward 15 were; "Edward", "Give me some of that Edward", "Can't get enough Edward", and the most famous hit (You've probably heard it) "Call Me Maybe." There is a common misconception that a singer know as "Carly Rae Jepsen" wrote this single but it's completely untrue. Come at me C Jep. Anyways the genre of the band ranged anywhere from Barbershop Quartet to Little League Baseball Team Chant. Unfortunately, the band broke up when lead singer/songwriter/bass/guitar/drums/piano/ukulele(is that how you spell that?)/stripper Edward Bender had a nervous breakdown and resorted to playing NBA Street alone on his Play Station 2.

Club JAG

Club JAG was a very popular hangout spot for the members of Edward's RAG. It was the larger sized room of Johannas Bang, Andrew Gavin, and George Gallagher, hence the abbreviation J(ohannes)A(ndrew) G(eorge). Club JAG came to be when Andrew decided that the room didn't have enough flow. Because of this the Trio decided it was time for a major renovation of the room. After 30 minutes of hard work and sweat the room had been completely transformed. The room now had a food bar, a card playing table, extra seating, a seat on top of a table, a hammock in the closet, and a wonderful breeze of cool air circulating throughout the entire room. This was the birth of Club JAG, even though the sign was only put up after the first Saturday. The club was known for its intense games of President, BS, Ace of Spades, and more. If you ever needed to get some free food Club JAG was the place to be. Andrew bought the first round of food and instituted the rule that the person who eats the last of a certain food item must buy the next round of that food. This rule worked incredibly well in keeping Club JAG stacked with the best food from all around. Club favorites included Munchies, Buttery Pretzel, Assorted Sodas, and rather large boxes of Goldfish. The rule of the Goldfish instituted by Josh was that you can not put your hand in the box, you have to pour it. This kept sanity among the party goers in da club. Lots of good times were spent in Club JAG by lots of member of Edwards RAG. Many nicknames and quotes were produced from this gold mine of intellectual thought. We even had random outburst of Shakespeare from the clubs resident drifter Warren. Ace of Spades was one of the most intense games to be played in Club JAG. The goal of this game was simply to be dealt the Ace of Spades, if you were dealt the Ace of Spades you won. The only player who went undefeated in Ace of Spades was Andrew G. President was also a very popular game at Club Jag and would be played sometime for hours on end. Lots of dreams were made and crushed at the card table and many tempers flared during heated games. Club JAG also played the hottest singles of the time thanks to some iphone/ipod contributions from George and Mocha. One night, a bunch of fourth years decided to sit down and chill around Club JAG. This made it official that chicks wanted the D.

RAG Nights

RAG Night 1

The first RAG night consisted of ordering Taco Bell or Chinese food and watching the movie Holes. The planned RAG night was to watch the classic movie Anchorman but somebody *cough,cough* didn't have permission to watch those types of movies. We had to decide which movie we would like to watch since we could watch Anchorman and the group choose Holes over a bunch of Disney princess movies. It was picking your own poison since we knew our first choice was the beautiful film Anchorman. Both Alex and Andrew finished off a 12 taco box during the RAG night and felt quite sick afterwards. There was once a rag that didn't watch their movie......THE'ND.

RAG Night 2.0

The second RAG night was probably the most entertaining of the RAG nights. We got to pile into the Duke TiP caravan and going to Frankies, an awesome amusement park/arcade/restaurant/laser tag. We got to play putt-putt, shoot up some random people, wreck people on go-karts, and spend 50 dollars just to win 4 pens. During the first Round of laser tag, the team consisting of George, Finklestein, Mocha, Warren, Arthur, Adam, and other people I can't remember scored an amazing -28,719 points. It was worth it. The go karts gave the night it's flare. George was able to crash Edward twice and spinout Governor which is always a plus. Many members used their vast movie knowledge to successfully pull off a Tokyo Drift reenactment.

RAG Night 3

The plan for the third RAG night was to order pizza and watch a movie of our choice. This did not go well even though we did get some delicious pizza. We attempted to download a movie to watch but we accidentally downloaded the HD version which wasn't able to play on Edward's computer. But since we are smart, quick minded TiPsters we came up with the plan to watch Edward play Minecraft on his computer for about 45 minutes. For the other part of the time we watch hilarious Youtube videos. Go back to the 90's........

The Spider In the middle of the second week, Edward came up with an amazing idea while fornicating with a spider. He create a game in which one person would have to pass on a small poker chip into another person's pocket without them knowing. Every day whoever had the spider come the Rag meeting would have to perform an embarrassing dance/song. This evolved from "I'm a little teacup" to having to use another rag mate as a stripper pole and putting on a "convincing" show. One day, George was outside socializing with the crowd when Edward came up to him and gave him a long and sensual hug. George at the time did not get why he did it, and passed it off as Edward being friendly. Later that night, Edward explained the rules of the game and that George was the first victim. George had the spider at the meeting for a record of 7 times. It pretty hard okay. On the last day Edward gave George the spider to keep just in case he didn't return to keep on the tradition.


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Famous and Infamous Quotes

"The pants are coming off!"

"I'm not a Nazi!"



"Pass me the munchies"

"I'm President, profanity!"

"Scummy Will"

"Many, many, many profanities"

"I have no desire for a Klondike Bar"

"What is in your chest, Warren?" "Mitt Romney"

"Club JAG is now open!!!"

"Once upon a time there was a magical land where it never rained... THE END!"

"If you weren't in our RAG, you're gonna have a bad time."

"If you're in the Ultimate tournament and you're not Watercolors, you're gonna have a bad time."