Electrical Engineering Duke West 2013

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A class at Duke West 2013 TERM 2 taught by Bilal (Sir) and TA Alex (the storyteller). The class consisted of lectures, labs, lab reports (sometimes), lots of BoeBot building, and writing PBasic programs (or using Lee's). According to Sir, EE is the best class at Duke, although Steven may beg to differ.

What We Actually Did

  • Change our desktop backgrounds to Samuel L. Jackson
  • Spend all of our money at Twinnie's
  • Throw frisbees into construction areas
  • Beg Alex to finish his story (It was a hot and steamy evening...)
  • Sleep
  • Take the short way
  • Play intense games of President and ERS (all hail president Khaya)
  • Lose at Minecraft
  • Break everything (whether it's short circuiting a board or melting a temperature sensor with a heat gun)
  • Listen to Let it Be on Alexander's Music Box
  • Listen to My Little Pony on Captain Terror's iPhone
  • Straighten Resistors (Darius)
  • Ask Sir every day to give us our pins
  • Attempt to count off in binary (or in hexadecimal if you're Captain Terror)
  • Make Terrible Puns
  • Turn our frying pans into drying pans
  • Miss buses
  • Make BoeBots with cool names (Including: the LeeBot, Roebert, Roebert, Roebert, Roebert, Roebert, LadyBot, INAR, and Death.)


  • Bilal (Sir) - Seriously guys?
  • Alex (the TA) - The guy who's always losing his lanyard
  • Rebecca - righty tighty lefty loosy
  • Captain Terror - The guy who makes up the best superlatives
  • Lee - The chromatic scale guy
  • Sam (Samuel Brody Shimmick) - The guy with the hair
  • Alexander (the other Alex) - The guy who everyone comes to for help
  • Sambit (Panda) - The hammertime guy
  • Jake (Tall Man) - The tall guy
  • Jacob - The guy with long hair
  • Megan (Yu) - The girl who is not Yu
  • Tanya - The girl who eats Steven's pickles (and makes terrible puns)
  • Connor - The guy who sleeps (and the ultimate ERS champion)
  • Harrison (Go Harrison) - The guy who builds imaginative robots
  • Jose (Braun) - The guy who builds cool cranes with degenerative diseases
  • Brock - The guy who's number one
  • Steven (eleven) - The guy who just really wanted social psych
  • Khaya (The Big ████) - The girl with blue tips who will never be able to say potentiometer
  • Darius - yes

The Meaning

So, what is electrical engineering? The world may never know... Just kidding we all know the answer: wires and stuff.