Electrical Engineering Duke West 2017 T2

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ElecTREEcal Engineering

This class taught you not only how to make circuits but also how to tilt off the face of the earth trying to get a ******* robot to run a maze. This Class also made had seven members of the Frisbee team Mbuzi.


Instructor: Gautam Cherbrolu a.k.a. Goatt

TA: Josh Blevins

Class Members

Ethan Hung*

Miles Hartley

Tyler Pitts*

Jason Yost

Rishi Assar

Sellers Hill

Ben Hayward*

Cadence Tomlinson*

Sterling Hollen*

William/Ethan3 Norfleet

Aiden Myers

Sydney Beeler

Clara Wang

Lily Orgeron*

Eric Zhang*

Abagail Imiolek*

A name with a * means they are a fourth year



"You're gonna have a hard time bouncing back from that"

"I doubt anyone is gonna tell you congratulations for that"

"There is a stigma that engineering students don't care about the same social goals as the humanities or social sciences, but engineering is all about a world that is not perfect and can continually be changed."


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