Elevator dolphining

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I'll admit Tip is an insanely cool place away from home, but no-one will admit all the things they've done at Tip. But there is one thing I will tell you I participated in...it is called Elevator dolphining. What do you think it is? I'll give you a hint it does involve an elevator. I'll go ahead and tell you cause you seem pretty chill. Anyway at Tip this year Diego, Hector, and I decided to go elevator dolphining. It was the third week and you know how those go crazy cause everyone doesn't want to leave Tip. Anyway Hector went to Zuma where his classmate spent $30 on tickets and decided to buy blow up dolphins. The next day Hector pulled me and Diego with him to the buyer's room. He wanted a massage cause he was the Ethan. Ethan refused even with Hector begging (which was kinda hilarious me and Diego were laughing). His hands were clenched in fists of rage so he did something awful. He stole Martha!!! Martha was the blue dolphin that was already blown up. So he ran out and I followed him as Diego barely squeezed through into the elevator. Since it was the 6th floor we decided to go to the eighth floor where we proceeded to talk and laugh about what we just did. I came up with the idea and exclaimed, "Let's go elevator dolphining, I mean why not guys anyway then we can foosball it up." Diego was all like ehhh but Hector said right on man! So we discussed how the Elevator dolphining would work. Hector and Diego both put the dolphin in between there legs and that's when I knew what it truly meant to elevator dolphin. So we stopped at every floor taking rotation turns on who had the dolphin in between there legs. We had to keep a straight face otherwise have to go again. Each time we stopped there was always a group of girls waiting to use the elevator but they just laughed at us or stared with faces of disapproval. So each time the elevator opened me or Diego pressed the door close button (mainly because Hector was a swine and pressed door open button). One girl was groovy and even rode the elevator with us to the basement. Afterwards we did return the dolphin and Ethan made us promise to eat a Flaming Pineapple the next day which was awesome and gruesome at the same time. Diego and I went to go play foosball while Hector ordered pizza with Gabriel. So tipster why not take elevator dolphining as a hobby at Tip or whatever I thought it was gnarly dude.