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Ella Sivertsen is arguably the best TA in the DukeTIP program. Her nickname, “Ellama” was given to her by the psychology class of Trinity Term 2 2018. She is called this because it has been confirmed that she is a llama in a human suit. She sang “rivers and roads” as the closing song at the Trinity 2018 Talent Show and with it she made the whole camp cry. She created the “llama of listening” for her classes, the llama of listening is where you make a llama with your hands to show that you are listening and you are silent. This is not to be confused with the “alpaca of authority” which is where you make an alpaca with both hands to show that you obey authority. Ellama was a tipster for 4 years before she became a TA. She was super cool with anything *cough**cough* (even when a student blinded her with a frisbee) or when some Tipsters decided to put there heads in the fountain. She had to put up with some pretty annoying kids but we all hope she knows that we love and appreciate everything she did for us. (Btw. Evening study was fun.)